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It is well known that some industries have a higher rate of work accidents than others. Health and Safety Executive (HSE) statistics, for the period from 2008/9 to 2012/13, show that Agriculture had the highest rate of fatal injury accidents at 9.89 per 100,000 workers (employees and self-employed). The Waste and Recycling sector had a rate of 5.48 deaths and Construction saw 2.07 fatal accidents per 100,000 workers within the sector over the four-year period.

However, fatal accidents do occur in the Services sector but at a much lower rate of 0.2 for the 2008/9 to 2012/13 period.

From factory floor to shop floor

Whether you work in a highly mechanised and dangerous industry such as manufacturing or in the relative safety of an office, most work accidents and work-related diseases are generally preventable.

Most dangerous processes, such as those in the mining, construction and waste and recycling industries require thorough risk assessments and the need for managers and workers to follow very specific regulations and guidance.

However, whether you trip and fall in a classroom or a foundry, the results are likely to be very similar, and they can be devastating, especially if the injury involves trauma to the spine or brain. So, it pays to be vigilant and heed any specific safety advice or training offered by an employer.

The laws governing health and safety in England and Wales are put in place to safeguard workers and the general public, so to flout them is a serious breach. It doesn't matter what environment the work accident takes place in, if it could and should have been prevented, then there will be a case to answer.

Work accident claims in London with Seth Lovis & Co

Here at Seth Lovis & Co in London our work accident claim solicitors work for clients to ensure they receive the compensation they deserve.

We believe that where an employer, manager or other worker has acted with negligence and a person has been injured, it is the affected party's right to receive damages to help them cope with the changes the accident has caused.

Some people believe that accidents just happen, but accidents at work are preventable, and when someone is in the wrong, the injured party has the right to claim compensation. While this is a simple concept – the road to achieving a positive settlement may not be smooth.

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