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Without the right health and safety protection on the part of employers, managers and training staff the printing industry can be a dangerous place to work.

With common printing factory accidents ranging from slips and trips to incidents involving manual handling or injuries caused by machinery, there is no doubt that the 120,000 workers who make up Britain's printing industry need employers to be vigilant and committed to health and safety.

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Risks in the printing industry

All employers in the printing industry should have health and safety measures in place to protect workers, whether they operate a large, small or medium sized business; however, the printing industry is dominated by firms of the latter sizes.

Firms of five or more staff are obliged to have a written health and safety policy statement and to provide suitable risk assessments for any potentially hazardous work – for example, working from height, using machinery, carrying out heavy lifting or working with sharp objects.

A risk assessment for the printing industry will involve looking in depth at all the employees in the company and the kind of jobs they carry out. It is also vital that employers consider any individual needs of employees – for example, underlying health conditions. In workplaces of five or more employees, there is a legal requirement to write the risk assessment down – although this is advisable for even the smallest sized business.

The following is a statistical breakdown of the most common incidents in the printing industry – and it is likely that factory accident claim statistics are apportioned along similar lines:

    • Manual handling incidents – 27%
    • Slip and trip accidents – 22%
    • Accidents involving machinery – 22%

Claims for printing warehouse and factory accidents

If you work or worked in a printing warehouse or factory and suffered injury there as a result of health and safety failures on the part of your employer, you may be entitled to compensation for your pain, injury and losses.

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