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The risk of suffering an eye injury at work is heightened in certain environments. Those working within construction and manufacturing will often be required to operate heavy machinery, handle power tools or come into close proximity with dangerous chemicals – all of which increase the possibility of sustaining accidental damage to the eyes.

Common causes of eye injury at work

Cutting and sawing - An eye injury accident at work is most commonly caused by small flying objects. When cutting or sawing materials, such as wood or metal, or drilling into walls and other surfaces, debris may rebound off the tool at the point of contact. When caught in the eye wood chippings or tiny slivers of metal eye can cause serious damage to sight and in severe cases may even lead to blindness.

Bright lights and rays - Exposure to bright sparks and hazardous rays can also impair eyesight. Professions most at risk include welders and joiners. The process of manipulating metals through cutting or welding produces both bright sparks and in some instances a discharge of ultraviolet light. Exposure to harmful rays can lead to blindness and so it is vital that protective eye goggles/helmets are worn at all times.

Chemical burns - Those who work in laboratories or on manufacturing sites which utilise chemicals will also be required to adhere to strict health and safety regulations to protect themselves from eye injury. A chemical burn sustained to the eye is very serious and requires immediate treatment. Although some of the conditions stemming from a chemical burn can take years to develop, swift primary treatment is essential in order to treat the injury and manage the patients' condition.

How to prevent eye injury at work

Every employer must offer employees at risk of eye injury protective clothing which meets industry standards. Furthermore, all employees must receive health and safety training to establish best practice within the working environment and prevent undue risk of injury.

Seeking compensation for an eye injury at work

If you or a loved one has suffered partial or complete loss of sight due to an injury sustained in the workplace you may be entitled to eye injury compensation.

Seth Lovis & Co personal injury solicitors can assist you in making a claim and will work diligently to secure you the fullest possible settlement.

A compensation payout could be used to assist with renovations to your home or help pay for vital care and support packages, which would allow you to adapt to life with a visual impairment and retain your independence.

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