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There are few workplaces as hazardous as an oil rig. Not only are workers on these installations subject to the usual occupational hazards – for example, slips and trips, lifting injuries and falls from height – they are also at risk from the very specific hazards inherent in the oil rig working environment.

As such, there is a great deal of legislation and regulation in place that is designed to protect the health and safety of oil rig workers – if you have fallen foul of substandard health and safety practices in the oil rig environment, contact Seth Lovis & Co today for information and advice regarding how you may be able to make a successful oil rig work accident claim .

Pursuing a claim is a way for you to ensure recognition for your pain, injury and financial losses, including those that occur in the past, present and future. It is important that you fully consider your legal rights.

The hazards of the oil rig

Even travelling to and from an offshore oil rig can be dangerous, with a number of oil rig related helicopter accidents occurring in recent years.

Hazardous sea and weather conditions while posted on an oil rig pose another danger, particularly where wind, hurricanes and freezing temperatures are involved.

Another area for concern is the potential for fire that is inherent in working with oil and other flammable materials, particularly under high pressure – every year this leads to a number of accidents, including those which cause serious burns or amputation injuries.

Seth Lovis & Co, specialist work accident solicitors

If you have suffered injury working on any of the below, contact Seth Lovis & Co today for advice and information regarding your rights:

    • Offshore wells
    • Offshore pipelines
    • Offshore installations
    • Offshore diving operations
    • Offshore wind farms
    • Transportation between installations

In 2013/2014 there was one fatality on the UK's oil rigs and 37 serious personal injuries, 112 over 7-day injuries and 393 dangerous occurrences; these numbers are clearly unacceptable.

If you have suffered injury or ill health as a result of a health and safety failure, contact Seth Lovis & Co today for information and advice regarding your right to make an oil rig work accident claim.

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