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The UK may be one of the safest of all places to work in Europe but this fact does not hide the reality that an unacceptable number of avoidable accidents still occur.

For example, in 2014/15 more than 23 million working days were lost to work-related ill health and a further 4.1 million as a result of injuries in the workplace. The economic cost of such health and safety failings is massive, coming in at more than £14 billion a year.

Tragically though, this is not the only consequence of workplace injuries and illnesses; during the same period there were 142 fatal accidents in the workplace as well as many more which necessitated the instruction of a work accident claim solicitor, with a large proportion of these claims being for spinal injuries sustained as a result of manual handling accidents.

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Manual handling in the workplace

According to the Health and Safety Executive, manual handling injuries account for four in ten of all accidents at work. As such, it is clear that however positive the UK's workplace safety record might be when compared to other countries, a great deal more needs to be done to improve manual handling training.

One difficulty with manual handling injuries is that they can easily result in secondary problems. For example, many of those who suffer manual handling injuries go on to develop
musculoskeletal disorders, particularly ones affecting the spine – for example ruptured discs, spondylolisthesis and back spasms. Other common complications involve the joints, nerves and bones and include hernias, torn tendons and carpel tunnel syndrome.

When to exercise caution

Workers should be trained to exercise caution at any time when they are transporting or supporting a load. This includes "lifting, putting down, pushing, pulling, carrying or moving by hand or bodily force".

Other actions that might induce a manual handling spinal injury include repetitive tasks, sustained periods working in strained postures and prolonged exposure to vibration.

Anecdotally, as many as one third of all cases handled by work accident claim solicitors occur as a result of incorrect manual handling, with failures in risk assessment and training among the most common causes.

Manual handling spinal injury claims

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