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Accident at work solicitors most typically represent the claims of workers who have sustained injury or illness while working in traditionally hazardous industries – for example, construction, engineering, agriculture, fishing and mining.

However, a small but still significant percentage of claims are for injuries sustained in, what would appear, more benign workplaces – for example offices and retail outlets.

Although these are less hazardous working environments, it is an unfortunate fact that there is no legal obligation for these businesses to have qualified first-aiders in place.

Having trained first aiders in even the most innocuous-seeming workplace can have a reassuring effect on employees as well as, crucially, lessening the impact of any health and safety incident that might occur.

Although it is true that small businesses which are deemed to be ‘low risk' are legally obliged to have a first aid kit as well as an ‘appointed' first aid worker (the Health and Safety, First-Aid, Regulations 1981), there is still no obligation that this person undergo training in first aid. Instead, all these ‘appointed' workers are required to do is to maintain the first aid kit and contact emergency services in the event of an accident.

Choosing the most suitable first aider

Although there is no guaranteed way of being able to pick the person who will respond best in an emergency, employers are advised to select someone who responds well to pressure, particularly in reacting calmly and clearly to critical challenges. Any failure to choose a first aider could have an impact on workplace safety and may help an accident at work solicitor build a case for compensation against an employer.

Available training

There are various first aid in the workplace training certificates available. For example, the Health and Safety Executive recommends that businesses with 25-50 employees ensure that first aiders have the Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW) certificate; further training can be provided by taking the supplementary First Aid at Work (FAW) certificate. These qualifications are valid for three years although prudent employers ensure that first aiders take annual refresher courses.

Accident at work solicitors in Central London

According to the Health and Safety Executive one in 320 workers in the UK suffers a non-fatal workplace injury each year. The most hazardous workplaces are found in construction, agriculture, and waste and recycling.

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