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Undoubtedly, since the implementation of the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, the number of workplace accidents has significantly declined. It would be difficult to argue that this legislation, which requires employers to reasonably prevent staff members from suffering personal injury while completing their jobs, has not helped to prevent numerous workers from experiencing harm.

However, there are still many workplaces which pose a danger to staff members – and according to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), those working in construction are employed in one of Britain's most high-risk occupations.

The statistics

The independent watchdog states that, although approximately 5% of workers are employed in the construction industry, 10% of serious personal injuries and 22% of fatalities to employees occur in this sector.

Many factors have been blamed for the construction industry's damning accident record, such as inadequate training, employers not taking health and safety seriously, as well as poor supervision. Moreover, some sources claim that some individuals in this profession have a laissez faire approach to worker safety – regarding the high number of employee fatalities as "socially acceptable".

HSE research into the construction industry

In 2013, the HSE published research which suggested that the construction industry was still a deeply hazardous place to work. After carrying out safety inspections across 2,363 building sites, the organisation revealed that almost 20% of premises had failed these checks. Furthermore, these breaches were so serious in 451 cases that the HSE suspended operations until employers rectified the situation.


During their inspections, the researchers discovered a number of hazards which could cause potentially fatal or serious personal injuries. For example, some sites did not have sufficient edge protectors on scaffolding, others supplied inadequate personal protective equipment, and a number of employers stored flammable materials in an unsafe manner.

Construction siteAlthough this research demonstrates that 80% of construction sites could have appropriate measures in place to prevent staff members from experiencing harm, this number is still far too low.

At Seth Lovis & Co, we realise that clients in the construction industry are more at risk of sustaining a number of serious injuries, such as brain damage, multiple fractures, crush injuries, as well as puncture wounds – and our team of specialist work accident solicitors want to help sufferers claim compensation.

Claiming for construction injuries

If you sustained an injury whilst working in construction and the incident was not your fault, you may be entitled to receive damages. Moreover, any funds awarded could not only have a major impact on the quality of your lifestyle, but also recover lost earnings, treatment costs and – if necessary – provide rehabilitation fees.

To find out more information about claiming compensation for multiple fractures, brain damage, or other serious injuries, please call our department today on 0370 218 4025 or contact us through an online enquiry form.

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