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Personal injury which results in disfigurement may cause more than purely physical trauma. The psychological impact of permanent scarring or disfigurement can be equally difficult to bear as the physical pain and distress experienced as result of injury.

Seth Lovis & Co's personal injury solicitors are highly experienced in handling disfigurement injury claims. We offer a compassionate service which seeks to support you through a distressing period in your life.

We understand that compensation could fund rehabilitation treatments or reconstructive procedures which may help you regain confidence following serious injury. That's why we always strive to secure the fullest possible settlement for all our clients.

Disfigurement in the workplace

Those who experience an accident at work which leads to permanent scarring or disfigurement may be faced with a number of challenges on the road to recovery:

Physical - Significant scarring can lead to reduced movement while skin heals and repairs itself, which can make daily tasks difficult to undertake. Severe disfigurement which causes impairment to movement etc can affect a person's ability to return to work or continue with activities which may once have been a favourite past time. Naturally, disfigurement injuries are often extremely painful and may require several operations in order to repair skin damage.

Psychological - For many, the long-term psychological effects of physical disfigurement are the hardest to recover from. Facial disfigurements can be especially difficult to come to terms with and may result in withdrawal from all manner of tasks and situations because of the feared reactions of others. This response is common and can take a long period of time to overcome.

Financial - Often income is affected when a person has experienced serious injury. This can lead to a number of concerns regarding how to meet monthly costs, such as mortgage repayments, food bills and other regular outgoings.

Seeking compensation for your injury

If you have been injured in an accident at work which was not your fault and resulted in disfigurement or scarring, you could be entitled to claim compensation for the pain and suffering you have endured.

Personal injury compensation can be used to remedy your financial concerns, fund talk therapies, counselling, rehabilitation treatments and reconstructive procedures – all of which can help you to rebuild your life and regain a sense of normality after a period of great upset.

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