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If you have been involved in an accident at work, you may be hesitant in wanting to make a claim against your employer for fear of victimisation after the accident. However, you should bear in mind that all employers are required by law to have Employers Liability Insurance in place – this provides financial protection for both the employer and the employee. You are well within your legal rights to make a claim for your injuries against this policy. 

Worried About Making A Claim?

If you are worried about making a claim for an accident suffered at work, don't be. Employers Liability Insurance, is there to ensure that employers are able to meet the costs of compensation and legal fees for employees who are injured or made ill at work through the negligence of the employer. Employees that are injured in accidents at work due to employer's negligence can seek compensation even if the business goes into liquidation or receivership, as the protection provided by liability insurance typically outlives the business which it covers – claims for asbestos-related illnesses are a good example of this.

If you are worried about making a claim against your employer, contact us today and a member of our expert personal injury team will help you with your enquiry and answer any questions you may have. Click here to make an online enquiry now.

Our personal injury solicitors work for you

Our expert personal injury solicitors guide you through every step of the claims process, using their skills and experience to deliver you every possible advantage. We will be able to help you claim sums for:

  • Injuries
  • Pain and suffering caused by the accident
  • Loss of income as a result of not being able to work
  • Any expenses incurred by you as a result of you accident at work, this may include medication, care, equipment and physiotherapy to help treat your injuries

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The Health and Safety Executive say that around one in 320 workers will suffer non-fatal injury in the workplace each year, with the most hazardous occupations construction, agriculture, and waste and recycling.

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