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Motorcyclists are some of the most vulnerable people on the roads and – despite making up just one percent of all traffic – are involved in about 19% of all fatal accidents. At Seth Lovis & Co, we realise that collisions involving motorbike riders can have serious effects and want to help injured individuals obtain damages. Therefore, if you were harmed during one of these accidents, we might be able to assist you in claiming compensation.

Motorbike accident statistics

According to government figures, during 2012, 328 motorcyclists were killed during traffic accidents in Britain, while 5,000 sustained serious personal injuries. These statistics show an improvement compared with data taken throughout previous years, but this number of incidents is still too many. For instance an estimated 30 riders are harmed every day while using junctions.

Motorcycling is an extremely challenging skill, and individuals can spend years on the roads before fully mastering these vehicles. Unfortunately, traffic accidents are often caused by the negligence of another motorist – and numerous riders are harmed in these collisions annually.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents has published a substantial amount of information related to motorcycle crashes – and the organisation states that the five most common are:

  • Crashing while negotiating a left-hand-bend on a country road.
  • Crashing while going around a right-hand-bend on a country road.
  • Suffering an accident at a traffic junction.
  • Crashing while overtaking another road user.
  • Losing control of the motorbike.

Could you claim?

If it can be proved that someone else was liable for your injuries, Seth Lovis & Co could help you obtain compensation. Moreover, the funds awarded from a successful claim can refund any expenses caused by the accident, such as rehabilitation fees and any lost earnings due to being unable to work.

How do I contact Seth Lovis & Co?

Our experienced team of solicitors, who deal exclusively with personal injury claims, will assess your case quickly after your initial enquiry. You will receive clear and practical advice and, if you have a valid and viable claim, we will present your case fully so that you receive maximum compensation in order to get your life back on track.

To find out more information about how our legal team can help you, complete an online enquiry form or contact us today on 0370 218 4025.

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