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Amanda Smith, a solicitor at Seth Lovis & Co specialising in hearing loss claims, has successfully acted for Mr X in his claim against his former employer for noise induced hearing loss. 

The Exposure

Rather uniquely, there is a pronounced bend in tracks passing through Newcastle Central Train Station which creates excessively loud screeching as trains pull in and out of the station. For over a decade - during much of the 1990s and early 2000s - Mr X was employed by the former GNER as a train dispatcher at Newcastle Central Train Station, typically working shifts of eight to 12 hours on the platforms where he was exposed to screeching so painful to the Claimant that he had to put his hands over his ears.

Staff made complaints about the noise levels, and GNER commissioned a noise survey, but work conditions weren't altered and hearing protection wasn't provided to reduce the risk of harm to the hearing of train dispatch staff.

Hearing Loss and Tinnitus

As a result of that exposure Mr X suffered a permanent loss of hearing as well as tinnitus (noises in the ears). Mr X's medical expert estimated the noise damage to Mr Mr X's hearing had accelerated his need for hearing aids by around 16 years.

Compensation Award

Amanda was instructed by Mr X to bring a claim on his behalf against his employer. Amanda managed to secure a settlement of £9,000 for Mr X.


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