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Johnathan Steventon-Kiy, a personal injury lawyer with the industrial disease team at Seth Lovis & Co, recently acted for Mr H. 

Details of the Claim

Mr H was employed as a serving soldier, on a tour of duty in Iraq. He served within the 1st Battalion of the King's Regiment A-Company as part of the initial invasion force entering Iraq in 2003. Mr H was provided with PPE goggles which protected him from dust and grit but did not protect him from ultra-violet light caused by the glare of sun.


As a result of sustained exposure to high levels of ultraviolet light whilst on tour, Mr H developed a rare eye condition called pterygia which causes a fleshy growth-like change in the conjunctiva. In Mr H's case, pterygia affected both his eyes and had began to encroach on his corneas. As a consequence of this condition, his eyes constantly looked red and tired and this attracted comments from colleagues and members of the public.

A medical expert instructed by Johnathan reported that unless treated, the growths would continue to encroach on Mr H's corneas to the extent that it would affect his vision. As such, the only treatment available would be surgical removal although such treatment would leave a scar which would contain blood vessels and would permanently maintain the red appearance of his eyes.


Mr H decided to bring a personal injury claim for his injuries against the Ministry of Defence (MOD) and instructed Johnathan Steventon-Kiy of Seth Lovis & Co. The MOD refused to accept liability and court proceedings were brought against it by Mr H with Johnathan conducting the litigation.


Two weeks prior to the trial commencing, Johnathan and the MOD's representatives negotiated a settlement of £11,000 for Mr H which included compensation for his injuries and financial losses.

Following the settlement of the claim Mr H commented "[Johnathan] Thank you for handling my case so professionally, I'm really pleased with the result and believe that the amount agreed was the right decision".

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