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If an individual is regularly exposed to noises greater than 85 dB, he or she may eventually develop hearing loss. Furthermore, if this level exceeds 120 dB, they could sustain immediate damage to their ears.

In the workplace, employers must provide appropriate hearing protectors to their staff members when sound volumes reach a daily average level of 85 dB. However, those in the armed forces could be exposed to these volumes every day.

For example, the standard weapon used by the British Army – the SA80 A2 assault rifle – can reportedly reach sounds of 156 dB when fired, whilst the 81mm mortar, also used by the British armed forces, may expose servicemen to noises registering at around 174 dB.

Both of these levels exceed safe limits and could result in conditions such as tinnitus or deafness if individuals are not provided with appropriate personal protective equipment. Even being a passenger in a British Warrior – an armoured vehicle often used to extract and transport soldiers – can be dangerous, with these individuals potentially being exposed to sounds registering at 104 dB.

Members of the armed forces must be able to communicate clearly with each other as well as their superior officers. Therefore, many might assume that the Ministry of Defence (MoD) provides servicemen with suitable protection to prevent soldiers from suffering hearing loss.

Sadly, it seems that not enough is being done to prevent military personnel from sustaining damage to their ears.

For example, the results of a survey published in 2010 revealed that, after serving abroad, more than two thirds of army veterans came back to the UK with "severe" as well as "permanent" hearing conditions. These findings suggest the MoD is failing to reasonably prevent servicemen from developing ailments such as tinnitus and deafness.

If you have been adversely affected whilst working for the armed forces, you may be entitled to claim army hearing loss compensation through Seth Lovis & Co's team of specialist solicitors.

Making an army hearing loss claim through Seth Lovis & Co

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