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Service in the Royal Navy, Royal Airforce, or Army – or indeed any work for the Ministry of Defence – is both a huge honour and a huge responsibility. However, as with all forms of work accident, injuries which occur during armed forces work can range from the relatively minor to the catastrophic and the fatal.

And, just as with people in any other profession, those who work for the Ministry of Defence are entitled to claim compensation for injuries that have been caused through the negligence or recklessness of an employer.


The last thing you want following serious or catastrophic injury is confusion about your entitlement to make an army accident claim. However, because of the rules as they relate to injuries sustained during service, it can be an unsettling time for those involved as they struggle to understand the law regarding their right to secure a significant settlement of compensation.

Your right to make an army accident claim

It is a basic principle of common law that employers owe their employees a duty of care – a principle which is further enshrined in health and safety law. Where this duty is neglected, whether in a typical workplace accident or an armed forces setting, legal advice can be sought from a personal injury solicitor.

Unfortunately, prior to 1987 and the introduction of the Crown Proceedings Act, there were quite significant restrictions on the types of army accident claim that could be taken out against the Ministry of Defence.

However, with the introduction of the Act, all this changed and nowadays it is frequently possible for members of the armed forces to pursue their injury claims through the civil courts system in much the same way a civilian would.

Additionally, there is another means by which armed forces members may choose to seek compensation for their injuries, i.e. the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.

Seth Lovis & Co personal injury solicitors for army claims

Here at Seth Lovis & Co we have great respect for the bravery and selflessness of those who serve with our Armed Forces.

We are proud to represent army accident claims and always strive to achieve best possible settlement for claimants and their families. We always do so ensuring that we are sensitive to both the claimant, their family, and their professional circumstances.

We look in depth at the consequences of an injury and seek to ensure that settlement provides for the cost of rehabilitation, therapy, specialist equipment, and lost earnings. Wherever possible and necessary we also look to secure interim sums for the most pressing needs.

For further information, talk to the army accident claim specialists at Seth Lovis & Co Central London solicitors today on 0370 218 4025.

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