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Although it is accepted that work for the MoD is likely to be inherently dangerous in some way, this does not mean that it should ever be necessarily so. In fact, as with all employers, the MoD has a responsibility to protect its employees from sustaining reasonably foreseeable injuries.

As such, if you – or a loved one – have sustained injuries during a military training exercise and believe this to be in some way attributable to a failure on the part of the MoD, you may be able to claim compensation for your pain, injury, medical expenses and financial loss.

THE MAIN CAUSES FATAL MILITARY TRAINING ACCIDENTS SINCE 2000 A CLAIM MAY BE SUCCESSFUL IF: MOD TRAINING DEATHS SINCE 2000 *All statistics taken from MoD Freedom of Information disclosure and as reported in Daily Express and Daily Mail 10 military training accident deaths a year between 2000 & 2008 7 military training accident deaths a year between 2009 & 2014 COMBAT DEATHS IN IRAQ BETWEEN 2003 & 2009 STAGED WAREFARE DROWNING VEHICLE ACCIDENTS CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS PAGE ARMY THE ROYAL NAVY THE RAF You did not receive appropriate safety training Equipment was not well maintained and/ or not replaced The task you undertook could have been performed in another, less hazardous, manner You were not given sufficient breaks or were placed in unreasonably hazardous conditions You were not supplied with appropriate safety equipment On average 1 British soldier dies a week as a result of a military training accident the fall in the number or armed forces killed between 2009 & 2014 (195,000) compared to 154,000 between 2000 & 2009

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