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There are a number of support services available for families and dependents who have been affected by a death in military service. Understanding the steps that need to be taken and whether failings justify a claim for compensation is important. Seeking independent legal advice from experienced solicitors can be vital in establishing the truth behind the circumstances of death.

Our team of experienced and professional military fatal accident solicitors can help you in the days, weeks and months following your loved one's death, so that you may exercise your rights in seeking justice.

A Ministry of Defence Service Inquiry will be held following any military incident which results in death or serious injury. These investigations aim to understand the circumstances of the incident and to highlight any changes to equipment and/or procedure which could prevent a recurrence.

The inquest

An inquest into death in military service is required for all fatalities unless the cause has been ascertained as being natural. It will be conducted by an independent coroner under the governance of the Ministry of Justice.

The inquest (formerly the Board of Inquiry) is an important process following a fatal accident in the military services. The purpose of this formal hearing is to establish when, where, how and why the death occurred, and provide this information to everyone concerned. An inquest does not apportion blame.

If an inquest is required, witness statements may be collected, whilst further representations and recommendations may need to be made to both the Coroner and the Ministry of Defence regarding the inquiry and its findings.

If the death may have occurred due to a criminal act, two post mortems will be required. The MoD will send Pathologists from the UK to overseas bases to conduct post mortems, when required.

The coroner will deal directly with the family and a mutually agreeable date will be selected for the inquest hearing.

Claiming against the Ministry of Defence

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) is an employer and, as such, owes a duty of care to those in its service. If an inquest highlights failings on the part of the MoD, which ultimately led to the death of your loved one, just like any other employer, the MoD is answerable in terms of compensation for family members and dependents.

Whether the death of your loved one has occurred during training, operations or on a military base, you may be entitled to compensation if the fatal accident could have been prevented.

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