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Blunt impact protection & face & mandible guards Pelvic protective system, including combat codpiece, ballistic silk underwear & (where necessary) knee length combat undershorts Anti-blast combat protection sunglasses Non-slip rubber mouldings for support & comfort while carrying heavy loads Elastic draw-cords for detachable ammunition pouches Kneepads for support & protection Information and images in this infographic should be taken only as a guide. Equipment and specifications regularly change and depend on the field of combat as well as other operation details. Dependant on role & need Personal protective equipment for frontline military personnel COMBAT BODY ARMOUR AND PPE Combat body armour for ballistic protection Protective plate for impact protection All front line troops should receive fully functioning and well-maintained Combat Body Armour. If you, or a loved one, has suffered an injury due to military equipment failure you could bring a civil claim for damages against the MoD. Read on to find out more. Military equipment failure claims with Seth Lovis & CoAs a result of a 2015 Supreme Court ruling soldiers injured in the line of duty as a result of training or equipment failure now have a strong possibility of making a successful military equipment failure claim against the Ministry of Defence.Seth Lovis & Co’s personal injury team includes a number of solicitors who specialise in acting for members of the armed forces. We understand all the pertinent issues surrounding pay, promotions, medical grading systems and the technicalities, requirements and specifications of military equipment. Contact us today to find out more. DESERT COMBAT Dismounted troops, medium to high activity, temperatures exceeding 40°C Mounted troops (drivers/armoured troops) , lower level activity, temperatures exceeding 40°C Dismounted troops, medium to high activity, European (temperate) climate Mounted troops, lower level activity, temperate climates Dismounted troops, medium to high activity, temperatures down to -20 °C DESERT PATROL PATROL TEMPERATE COMBAT COLD WET WEATHER CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS PAGE
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