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We've all probably heard of ‘trench foot'; however, it is less probable that you know the injury by its official medical name, ‘Non Freezing Cold Injury (NFCI)'.

Most often affecting the feet and/or hands, NFCI is the most frequently suffered injury among participants of military exercises in the UK; and this comes despite the many medical and scientific advances made since the First World War when ‘trench foot' was a daily reality for so many on the frontline.

If an NFCI occurs due to the negligence of a third party, then it might be possible to claim compensation for loss of earnings, and pain and suffering. Contact Seth Lovis & Co's military injury claim solicitors to discuss your circumstances.

How and when do these injuries occur

In most cases, NFCI will arise in cold weather as a result of a personnel member's feet or hands being unable to dry properly. Often the affected person will only begin to notice that anything is wrong once the temperature increases and he or she begins to develop swelling, redness and pain.

Although the symptoms of NFCI often last for several months, the injury is not always permanent and need not necessitate the end of a soldier's military career. However, even in those who make a good recovery, an increased sensitivity to cold may become a lifelong consequence.

Whatever the case, owing to the nature of the injury it will usually take around three months for NFCI to ‘mature' enough for it to be diagnosed as such. Once diagnosis has taken place, the affected party is likely to be placed on restricted duties and kept free of cold and wet conditions.

Who is at risk?

Any person who is exposed to cold and wet conditions is at risk of NFCI. However, smokers are especially at risk, as are those of Afro/Caribbean descent.

Obviously, those stationed in colder, northern European climates, as well as at home in the British Isles, are at elevated risk, although there have been numerous cases of personnel developing NFCI during service in the warmer climates of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Military injury claims solicitors, Seth Lovis & Co

Seth Lovis & Co military injury claim solicitors can help you ensure full compensation for injuries which result in financial loss and/or bring a premature end to your military career.

It is worth bearing in mind that as well as being able to make a civil claim for compensation, you might also be entitled to payment under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme.

However, time limits apply to the making of such claims, so it is vital that you get in touch with our military injury claim solicitors as soon as possible. Call today on 0808 252 0678.

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