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Soldiers working for the Ministry of Defence (MoD) are in a very hazardous occupation. As well as potentially coming under enemy fire, these individuals could also be exposed to dangers which include explosives, vehicles, and harsh weather conditions.

However, numerous personnel may have been adversely affected by a material which has plagued UK workplaces for years – asbestos.

Asbestos – a heat-resistant substance, which was used considerably throughout the 20th Century – was employed by many industries for its insulating properties and was commonly utilised in areas such as shipbuilding and manufacturing, as well as in vehicle assembly. Asbestos was also used extensively by the building trade, so any property constructed or refurbished before the year 2000 could still contain this substance.

In addition, the military also used asbestos for a multitude of purposes. For example, up to the 1980s, many military vehicles – such as trucks – were fitted with asbestos brake pads whilst various ship parts were coated in this substance to prevent fires at sea. The armed forces also used asbestos during the construction of barracks, as well as for maintenance or repair work.

Sadly, by using asbestos so extensively, the military placed personnel in danger. If an individual disturbs this material, it may release fibres which, when inhaled, can eventually cause potentially fatal conditions such as mesothelioma or lung cancer.

Fortunately, legislation has since prohibited individuals from using, importing, or supplying this material. Yet, as asbestos-related diseases can take decades to develop, many army veterans could still suffer its terrible effects.

Asbestos on military bases

In 2011, the families of three people, who were killed as a result of asbestos exposure on military bases, received a combined amount of £1million compensation from the MoD. Reportedly, one of the sufferers moved into an RAF base in 1956 and may have developed his condition due to concealing himself inside cupboards containing pipes insulated with asbestos, whilst playing games of hide-and-seek as a child. In addition, he apparently slept next to a radiator which was coated in this material.

Mesothelioma eventually claimed his life in 2008, taking him away from his wife and two sons. Although no amount of money can ever truly replace him, the asbestos compensation will hopefully help to provide his family with peace of mind and financial security.

Military asbestos compensation claims with Seth Lovis & Co

If you have been adversely affected by asbestos whilst working for the MoD, you may be entitled to receive damages through a specialist law firm, such as Seth Lovis & Co. Our team realises that conditions such as mesothelioma have terrible effects, and will strive to obtain maximum compensation to cover therapy costs, lost earnings and to provide peace of mind.

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