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The Ministry of Defence (MoD) employs thousands of individuals in order to fulfil a number of different roles. Although many of these tasks could be potentially dangerous, the organisation should still implement suitable measures to prevent its staff members from suffering personal injury.

However, according to the Health and Safety Executive, the MoD are a crown body – which means they are protected from enforcement action following a military accident. Moreover, although legislation such as the Health and Safety at Work etc. Act 1974 applies to the Mod's operations within Great Britain, it will not apply to activities which are conducted abroad.

If a solider suffers personal injury or is killed during an accident on a military base, It has been claimed that the MoD's "Crown immunity" prevents those responsible from being held to account. Some even believe that being immune from enforcement action results in the MoD not taking military accidents seriously. Consequently, the organisation may not put suitable measures in place to prevent these incidents from occurring.

Issuing a statement to the BBC, the Ministry of Defence seemed to disagree with this claim, stating that the organisation was "continually striving" to improve health and safety. Furthermore, the MoD said that "lessons are learned when incidents occur" and these accidents "are taken extremely seriously".

However, is the Ministry of Defence doing everything it can to prevent staff members from suffering personal injury during accidents? Unfortunately, research suggests that the organisation could do more.

For example, it has been reported that field hospitals in Afghanistan treated 95 British soldiers in July 2009 – and more than a third of these patients were admitted after developing a disease or suffering a non-combat injury.

A report from the BBC suggests these types of injuries could be common within the military. Moreover, the organisation claims that more personnel die during accidents than from situations involving enemy combatants.

If have been harmed during a non-fault accident on an army base, you might be able to claim compensation through an experienced law firm, such as Seth Lovis & Co.

Making a military accident claim with Seth Lovis & Co

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