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Trench foot is a condition which many might believe to be a thing of the past – a World War I problem. Yet, this condition – and other non-freezing cold injuries (NFCI) – has harmed numerous soldiers throughout the years. If you were one of those affected, you could be entitled to claim compensation through Seth Lovis & Co.

How is trench foot caused?

Trench foot sufferers could have developed their conditions by inadvertently exposing their feet to cold or damp conditions for excessive amounts of time. When this occurs, the affected limb might experience reduced blood flow – leading to the area not getting enough oxygen or vital fluids.

This can have a number of adverse effects:

  • Nerve endings in the foot could suffer damage.
  • The limb could become numb or turn red.
  • Blisters or ulcers can develop around the affected area.
  • The foot can swell up.

Although many cases of trench foot are treatable, sometimes the only way to help the individual is to amputate the affected limb – otherwise the infection can prove fatal.

Is this condition common within the military?

Fortunately, incidences of trench foot are not as common as they were in World War I. For example, during the winter at the end of 1914, it has been estimated that the British military treated 20,000 soldiers suffering from this condition. In contrast, figures from the Ministry of Defence suggest that fewer than 400 personnel developed trench foot and other NFCIs during 2008.

Although these figures show a definite improvement, it is surprising that so many soldiers are still developing these injuries during the 21st Century. Fortunately, it seems that many know their legal rights – and are seeking compensation through military accident solicitors.

Non-freezing cold injuries prompt soldiers to seek compensation

In 2009, an article from the BBC revealed that more than 150 individuals had decided to pursue army accident compensation for NFCIs similar to trench foot – with one lawyer describing their circumstances as being "entirely avoidable".

One of these claimants spoke to the BBC about his experience, stating that he developed an NFCI on a training exercise. When he alerted superior officers to the problem, these individuals allegedly ignored his pleas, telling him to "just get on with it" and "stop being a wimp".

Eventually, his condition become so severe that he was medically discharged from the military. It has been reported that his feet are now permanently sore – but this could have been prevented if duty-holders took appropriate action.

Can I claim compensation for trench foot?

If you developed trench foot after being provided with inadequate equipment, training, or a lack of supervision, our specialist solicitors could help you claim compensation.

At Seth Lovis & Co, our skilled team have helped numerous personnel obtain damages for incidents which were not their fault – and might be able to benefit you as well.

Any funds awarded could help you live a better quality of life, reimburse lost earnings, pay treatment fees, and recoup the costs of rehabilitation.

For more information about how we could assist you, please complete an online enquiry form or contact the team today on 0370 218 4025.

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