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When we enter hospital, we expect the very highest standards of care, to receive all forms of necessary treatment and to return to good health as soon as possible. However, medical professionals have come under scrutiny in recent years, with several organisations criticising these individuals about patient safety.

Although the vast majority of patients will receive excellent treatment in hospital without experiencing harm, sometimes an individual can suffer medical negligence, which may have serious – or even fatal – repercussions.

For example, in the four years leading up to 2013, an investigation by the BBC revealed that at least 750 patients in English hospitals suffered never events. These are described by the NHS as "serious, largely preventable patient safety incidents that should not occur if the available preventative measures have been implemented". Examples include malpractice, such as incorrect amputation, retaining an instrument after an operation, or misplaced feeding tubes.

Although those who suffer clinical negligence may be entitled to claim compensation through a specialist law firm, such as Seth Lovis & Co, these incidents are not just limited to civilians; sometimes military personnel can sustain harm during an army medical accident.

Medical negligence in the armed forces

In 2013 it was reported that several members of the armed forces had successfully claimed medical negligence compensation from the Ministry of Defence (MoD). Over a period of twelve months, it was alleged that the total value of these cases added up to approximately £6.7 million.

In one example, a soldier pursued compensation after suffering a never event during an operation in which medical professionals carried out an unnecessary amputation. As a result, the soldier experienced a dramatic reduction in the quality of his life.

In addition, it has been claimed that another member of the armed forces suffered medical negligence when a professional failed to spot a tumour during an examination. Consequently, he received £1.6million from the MoD.

These are just two examples, but every instance of medical negligence can potentially have devastating repercussions. However, if you suffered malpractice while working in the armed forces – such as a surgical error or misdiagnosis – Seth Lovis & Co may be able to help you claim compensation.

Claim compensation for an army medical accident

If you suffered medical negligence in the armed forces, you should contact one of our experienced solicitors to find out if you could receive damages.

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