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Seth Lovis & Co, expert and approachable personal injury solicitors in London, represent members of the armed forces who have sustained harm during training or operations.

Due to the nature of the job, individuals experiencing injuries in the armed services are sadly not uncommon. Working with dangerous weaponry and heavy vehicles, and living in often harsh environments for months at a time, the risk of suffering an injury is high.

However, if the injuries sustained are not the fault of the sufferer, they may be able to receive compensation from their employer, to help them pay medical bills, recoup lost earnings, and generally improve the quality of their life.

A common type of injury which members of the armed forced can claim compensation for are burn injuries.

Suffering burns in the armed forces

A June 2011 article from the Journal of Burn Care & Research, titled Epidemiology of U.K. Military Burns stated that from 2001 to 2007, 60% of burns suffered by British military personnel were reported as being 'accidental' – caused in non-combat scenarios.

During the major conflicts of 2006 to 2007 however, more than 59% of burns were sustained during combat – caused by armaments such as improvised explosive devices and grenades.

The manner in which individuals sustain burns injuries vary from case to case. To see if you can make a claim for compensation resulting from a burn injury, contact our military accident solicitors today by calling 0808 252 0678 or submit and online enquiry form.

Serious burn injuries can cause permanent and life changing scarring or disfigurement. Serious burn injuries will require on-going medical treatment and can be detrimental to an individual’s lifestyle and quality of life.

Even minor burns can result in permanent scarring, and may require on-going medical treatment. If the sufferer undergoes a skin graft procedure, they will be required to take special care of that section of their skin for the rest of their lives. Grafted skin is notoriously difficult to manage as it is not connected to natural oil and sweat ducts so can dry out as a result.

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Seth Lovis & Co are experienced and approachable military accident solicitors in London. If you have sustained a burn injury while serving in the armed forces, contact us to find out if you have a valid claim. You can speak with one of our solicitors by calling our London offices on 0370 218 4025.

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