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As with any inherently dangerous job, there is some level of "assumed risk" involved with armed forces service. However, this does not mean that personnel, from new recruits to fully fledged combat-ready troops, waive their right to health and safety protection. In fact, for the most part it is fully possible for armed forces members to receive compensation for injuries sustained during training. If you have suffered an injury while training, talk to Seth Lovis & Co about making an army training accident claim today.

Women soldier claims

Nowadays it is accepted by all but the most extreme of voices that women have a vital role to play in all areas of the UK armed forces, from the operations room and the training field to assisting those on the frontline, if not in full combat roles. Indeed, they receive the same level of training, travel, and promotion opportunities as men and even combine their roles in the army with more traditional maternal roles at home.

However, statistics reveal that there may have been some level of institutional failure when it comes to protecting the health and safety of women during army training exercises.

Although the reasons for it are not clear, Ministry of Defence figures reveal that women are around 100 percent more likely to sustain army accident training injury than their male counterparts.

Curiously, it has been noted by some that one possible reason for the gross overrepresentation of women in injury statistics could be a neglect of health and safety legislation caused by an overeager desire to meet Equal Opportunity requirements. This is not to suggest that women might not be as capable as men, merely that there may be some areas where there skill base and capabilities differ slightly.

After all, it is accepted that women have, generally, a lower muscle mass and lower bone size and density – factors which may be relevant to the significantly larger numbers of women who suffer repetitive strain injuries during training exercises.

A report published in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine made clear its concern that women might face greater health risks and that in some cases "health and safety guidance... [had] been overlooked in the interests of meeting equal opportunity legislation."

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