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Every year, on Remembrance Sunday, we recognise the contributions of British and Commonwealth military personnel who have sacrificed their lives to ensure we never have to experience those same horrors. Countless men and women honour these individuals – and hope that those serving in the armed forces eventually return safely to their families.

Although soldiers are employed in a very hazardous occupation, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) should also recognise the contributions of these individuals. Consequently, where possible, military personnel should be provided with the best equipment possible, adequate training, and be reasonably prevented from experiencing harm.

However, it has been claimed that the MoD is failing to adequately prevent accidents on military bases, while officers could be demonstrating "significant weaknesses" in following health and safety procedures.

Although the idea of preventing army accidents may seem strange during a combat zone, the MoD should strive to stop its personnel from suffering non-combat injuries. Otherwise, if the organisation fails to do so, those adversely affected may be entitled to receive compensation through a Seth Lovis & Co military claims solicitor.

MoD figures make troubling reading

According to data released by the Ministry of Defence, around 5,000 army infantry personnel were described as "unfit for frontline combat duties" in 2010 – making up approximately 20% of the military's total infantry forces.

Of these individuals, the majority of non-deployable soldiers appeared to be in an inadequate state of fitness or suffering from a physical or psychological problem. Although this figure likely includes non-combat injuries, some personnel were also unable to carry out duties on the frontline due to pregnancy, being underage, undergoing disciplinary action, or objecting for compassionate reasons.

Regardless, when one in five British infantry soldiers is apparently unable to carry out tasks on the frontline, this suggests that the MoD is failing to adequately ensure their physical and mental wellbeing.

However, if they were adversely affected during an accident which was not their fault, these individuals might be able to claim compensation with Seth Lovis & Co.

Contacting a military claims solicitor

If you suffered personal injury while working in the armed forces, you might be entitled to make an army accident claim through the services of one of our specialist solicitors – providing the incident was not your fault.

Our team possess extensive knowledge of this subject area and have helped numerous military personnel claim compensation. To find out if you could benefit from Seth Lovis & Co, please complete an online enquiry form or call our department today on 0370 218 4025.

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