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According to the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), almost two million individuals are at risk of developing hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS) – a term which refers to several conditions such as vibration white finger (VWF).

If an individual regularly uses hand-held power tools or vibrating machinery, they may eventually experience various symptoms, including tingling or numbness in their fingers, reduced sensation or trouble holding heavy items.

These may be the first signs of HAVS and might become worse or even permanent if untreated. Yet, if an individual developed hand-arm vibration syndrome during an incident which was not their fault, they may be entitled to claim compensation through Seth Lovis & Co.

Our solicitors have helped numerous employees receive damages for their conditions, even if they worked in occupations such as construction, forestry, shipbuilding or stonemasonry.

Stonemasons and hand-arm vibration syndrome

Stonemasons regularly use vibrating machinery in order to complete their tasks and produce objects out of rock. Although this equipment may allow them to create wonderful and high-quality items, they can also present a number of dangers. For example, the HSE states that the majority of stonemasons who use hand-held power tools could potentially develop HAVS.

Rather worryingly, the independent watchdog claims that many of these professionals have developed VWF, but choose not to report their conditions – potentially placing themselves at risk of suffering serious, permanent effects.

In order to prevent stonemasons from developing HAVS, employers should adhere to The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 and implement adequate safety measures when a staff member experiences a daily exposure of 2.5m/s2 A(8).

These could include supplying water-powered tools, fitting anti-vibration mountings to equipment, or buying machines which emit minimal amounts of vibration. If employers do not implement suitable measures to prevent stonemasons from suffering HAVS, those adversely affected may be entitled to claim compensation.

Claiming compensation for HAVS

If you developed HAVS due to the negligent actions of your employer, you may be entitled to receive damages through an industrial disease claim. At Seth Lovis & Co, we realise that conditions such as VWF can have debilitating effects, and want to provide sufferers with maximum compensation.

To find out if you could receive funds to reimburse lost earnings, treatment costs, or recover the costs of rehabilitation, please contact us today on 0370 218 4025 or – alternatively – complete an online enquiry form.

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