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If you developed vibration white finger (VWF) due to the negligent actions of an employer, you are not alone. Currently, according to the Health and Safety Executive, around one million employees are believed to suffer harmful levels of vibration at work. In many cases, these individuals might eventually experience the effects of hand-arm vibration syndrome (HAVS).

At Seth Lovis & Co, our team of specialist solicitors have helped numerous people claim for HAVS, including VWF. The funds awarded could have recovered costs such as treatment bills, rehabilitation fees, as well as secured lost earnings.

If you have any questions related to claiming compensation for VWF, then our professionals will be happy to answer them. Simply get in touch with the team today through an online enquiry form or by calling 0808 252 0678.

What is vibration white finger?

A form of Raynaud's, VWF can develop when workers regularly use power tools or other types of vibrating machinery for prolonged periods of time. Although this condition may take a while to become apparent, sufferers can eventually report feelings of numbness or tingling in their hands and fingers.

During cold or wet conditions, their fingers could also turn white and then red when readjusting to warmer temperatures – a process which can be very painful. This occurs due to the blood vessels in their limbs constricting and then dilating.

VWF can prevent sufferers from completing tasks with the tips of their fingers, such as picking up small objects or fastening buttons. In addition, individuals may be unable to properly grip items due to the numbness – which might make them more likely than other employees to suffer accidents at work.

Can vibration white finger be prevented?

Although the dangers of power tools and machinery are often obvious, some employers might unfortunately overlook conditions such as VWF while attempting to minimise risk. Regardless, there are a number of simple solutions which could prevent individuals from developing HAVS.

These include:

  • Providing tools which emit low levels of vibration
  • Giving employees anti-vibration gloves
  • Making sure staff members are keeping warm
  • Storing vibrating tools indoors to prevent handles from becoming cold

Unfortunately, if the conditions caused by HAVS are not treated during their early stages, the effects could become irreversible. Consequently, if you believe you've developed VWF, seek medical advice from a qualified healthcare practitioner immediately. After you have done this, you should contact the specialists at Seth Lovis & Co.

Can I claim for vibration white finger?

If you were diagnosed with vibration white finger following prolonged exposure to excessive vibration at work, please call us today on 0370 218 4025 or complete an online enquiry form to find out if you could receive damages.

Our solicitors have helped numerous employees make VWF and power tool claims and could assist you in your fight for compensation. Simply get in touch, and a member of our team will be happy to provide free legal advice as well as discuss your circumstances in more detail.

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