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The Labour Force Survey reveals that around 18,000 UK workers currently suffer from some form of noise-induced hearing loss which resulted from or was made worse by exposure to excessive noise or other hazardous factors in the workplace.

If you feel that you may have grounds for compensation for noise-induced damage to your hearing, including tinnitus, talk to Seth Lovis & Co personal injury solicitors today.

HOW MUCH COULD YOUR NOISE-INDUCED DEAFNESS CLAIM BE WORTH? NOISE IN THE FOOD AND DRINK MANUFACTURING SECTOR While many of us may think the noisiest industries would be construction, mining, and agriculture, data from the food manufacturing industry shows that factories are also a source of significant noise. In fact, according to the Industrial Disablement Benefits Scheme, manufacturing had the highest three-year prevalence of new NIHL assessments based on the latest three years of data with a rate of 4.1 per 1,000 employees in the industry. MILD TINNITUS OR HEARING LOSS: MODERATE TINNITUS OR HEARING LOSS: SEVERE TINNITUS OR HEARING LOSS: £3K to £7K £7K to £10K £10K to £20K WRAPPING, CUTTING WRAP, BAGGING ETC: BOWL CHOPPERS PNEUMATIC NOISE & COMPRESSED AIR: PACKAGING MACHINERY: MILLING OPERATIONS: PRODUCT IMPACT ON HOPPERS: GLASS BOTTLING LINES: SAWS/CUTTING MACHINERY: BLAST CHILLERS/FREEZERS: WHEELED TROLLEYS/RACKS: 85-95dB(A) 90db(A) 85-95dB(A) 85-95dB(A) 85-100dB(A) 85-100dB(A) 90-100dB(A) 85-107dB(A) 85-107dB(A) up to 107dB(A) (from wheel bearings) Control of Noise at Work Regulations 2005: levels at which employers are required to take action 80dB(A) & 85dB(A) Agriculture, Forestry & Fishing 0.2 Other Service Activity non-HSWA 0.0 Manufacturing 4.1 Construction 1.9 1.4 Extractive & Utility supply 0.2 Water supply:Sewerage etc 0.2 Services Health and Safety Executive say 75% of all civil claims for occupational illness relate to noise-induced hearing damage. In the 11-year period up until 2013/14 only 1% of claimants were female From 2003 to 2013 the numbers of recorded new cases of occupational deafness in the UK has fallen steadily except for a slight spike in cases in 2008 *Industrial Disablement Benefits Scheme PER 1000 EMPLOYEES CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS PAGE

If you have sustained hearing loss or tinnitus as a result of noise exposure at work, call Seth Lovis & Co today on 0808 252 0678 for advice and representation to help you make a noise-induced deafness claim.

We are experts in this field and have helped workers across the country to claim the compensation they deserve.

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