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Whether employed in farming, cleaning, construction, or virtually any industry, staff members could be exposed to a wide variety of chemicals. Although some may be harmless, others have the potential to cause serious injuries or illnesses.

In order to reasonably prevent staff members from coming into contact with hazardous substances, the British legal system places a number of duties on employers. Managers may be able to fulfil these obligations by identifying dangers through risk assessments and then implementing appropriate measures to minimise or eliminate these hazards.

When it is not feasible to completely negate the risks surrounding chemicals, managers should supply appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) to those who are going to be using these hazardous substances.

For example, in some situations, workers may be prevented from coming into contact with chemicals by wearing suitable gloves and overalls. However, if a risk assessment reveals a substance may emit toxic fumes, managers should also provide appropriate respiratory protective equipment (RPE).

In addition, risk assessments should take into account other hazards which could occur during the transportation, use, and disposal of harmful materials – such as preparing for chemical spills or leaks.

If an employer fails to adequately prevent staff members from being exposed to dangerous substances, the effects can be devastating. Potentially, this may result in chemical burns, allergic reactions, or asphyxiation. In some cases, certain materials can also lead to long-term chronic illnesses.

As a result, those adversely affected may see their quality of life affected, be unable to work, or complete many of the tasks which they previously took for granted. However, if their exposure occurred during a workplace accident which was not their fault, he or she may be able to claim chemical poisoning compensation through the services of an experienced law firm, such as Seth Lovis & Co.

Claiming chemical poisoning compensation with Seth Lovis & Co.

In an individual experienced harm, or sustained chemical-related personal injury, due to the actions of a negligent employer, he or she should seek legal advice from an experienced solicitor.

You may have suffered your accident at work after not being provided with suitable PPE or RPE, receiving adequate training, or after containment measures failed to prevent exposure. In these situations, those adversely affected may be able to pursue damages.

To find out if you are entitled to receive compensation for chemical poisoning, please call our experienced legal team today on 0370 218 4025 for free professional advice. If your claim is successful, our solicitors will aim to secure funds to recover treatment fees, any lost earnings, and the costs of rehabilitation.

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