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When facing up to the reality of amputation caused by a serious work-related shoulder injury, a person will have to engage with many difficult questions of care, treatment and rehabilitation, with surgery the most pressing of these.

The aim of any successful amputation is to excise any dead and irreparably damaged tissue while also retaining as much of the shoulder as possible. There are many possible reasons why an amputation might be necessary, from infection and contamination to severe damage or, following many previous attempts to avoid amputation, the impossibility of further debridement.

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Causes of shoulder amputation

Cancer control is the major reason for shoulder amputation and disarticulation; however, serious personal injury is also a significant, if statistically minor, cause of amputations and disarticulations of the shoulder, being responsible for 3% of all cases.

Prostheses and complications

Coming to terms with the loss of shoulder function is a traumatic process. This is compounded by the fact that the prosthetic rejection rate following shoulder amputation is very high. This is due to a number of factors, including the weight and size of shoulder prostheses, decreased socket function, poor suspension and the level of energy expenditure needed to successfully use a shoulder prosthesis.

Compensation amounts for non-amputation shoulder injuries

Compensation awards for work-related shoulder and upper limb injuries requiring amputation vary but, owing to their serious nature, six figure sums are by no means uncommon. However, for shoulder injuries not requiring amputation, the following should serve as a useful guide:

  • Up to £5,150 – for minor injuries causing soft tissue damage but full recovery within a year
  • Up to £8,400 – for moderate injuries – for example, frozen shoulder – that cause limited movement and discomfort for up to two years
  • Up to £12,600 – For serious work-related shoulder injuries – for example, a pronounced dislocation – causing pain and weakness in hands and arms as well as the shoulder

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