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Cycling accident claim solicitors in London, Seth Lovis & Co can help you secure damages for your pain, losses and expenses in the event that you have sustained injury in a cycling accident caused by another party.

2014 Richmond Park accident

In 2014 a 40-year-old father suffered fatal head injuries as a result of a ‘freak' cycling accident he suffered while negotiating the steepest descent in London's Richmond Park.

Although those attending the scene, including a doctor who happened to be nearby, tried to save the man, their efforts proved fruitless; he was airlifted to Royal London Hospital only to be pronounced dead within a matter of hours.

Should the descent have been better signposted?

Those familiar with the route on which the man was cycling have commented that the accident might have been avoided if the body responsible for management of the park's roads had erected more specific warning signage.

It is well known that the speed limit inside the park is 20 mph; this stands for both pedal-powered and motor-powered traffic. However, it is also common knowledge that cyclists in Richmond Park regularly exceed this speed. Although there was no suggestion that the fatally injured cyclist in question was breaking the law – observers confidently stated that he was within the specified speed limit – there is a concern that the signage in place at the particular point at which he crashed did not provide adequate warning of the steepness of the descent.

Broomfield Hill is the steepest section of the park, and although its gradient is likely to take the unfamiliar by surprise, there is (as at August 2014) no sign in place to warn of this specific risk.

Following the accident one witness, a man of two years' experience cycling in the park, told the Evening Standard that Broomfield was ‘the most dangerous hill in Richmond Park'.

‘There are the usual signs warning you about the maximum speed of 20 miles per hour and what to expect, but there should be more of a warning,' he added.

Although there was no allegation of negligence on the part of Royal Parks, the incident is a useful reminder of the importance of appropriate cyclist signage in London, particularly as there has been an exponential growth in pedal power in the capital in recent years.

In the event that any managing body is found to have been negligent in the provision of suitable signage for cyclists, it may be possible for those affected to make a cycling accident claim.

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