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One thing the parents of children who have suffered brain injury report to their brain injury claim solicitors again and again is the difficulty of having children with injuries which are often intangible and as such frequently unappreciated by others, whether friends, family, schools or members of the public.

However, it is always important to remember that although a traumatic head injury might not be visible to the observer, the impact it can have on a person's ability to function can be significant and distressing.

Of course, some head injuries may result in symptoms that only last a few days. However, in cases of even relatively minor injury it is important to remember that symptoms may persist over a long period of time and may result in difficulties such as fatigue, headaches, reduced cognitive function, difficulty concentrating and problems with memory or behaviour.

In more serious cases, symptoms can be more difficult to ignore. For example when the trauma results in loss of consciousness and the need for a prolonged period of specialist, inpatient care, the need for families to make significant lifelong changes is likely to be both pressing and clear.

Open head injuries

Open head injuries are those in which penetration of the skull has occurred and this caused damage to the brain. However, they are not always as obvious as one would imagine. This is because they can occur as a result of sharp implement such as a drill piece penetrating the skull, causing little in the way of external damage.

Closed head injuries

Closed head injuries account for the majority of cases dealt with by brain injury claim solicitors. Typically, they occur as a result of blunt trauma or excessive exposure to strong accelerative or decelerative forces (for example those involved in a car accident). Closed head injuries can be problematic as they are not always overtly apparent. However, prompt intervention and management of the injury is key to ensuring the best possible recovery.

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