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There are many types of personal injury that can have serious and lasting consequences for sufferers and their friends and family members – however, when someone severely damages their spinal cord, the effects can be devastating, catastrophic even.

As such, insurers and courts recognise that if you have sustained a serious spinal cord injury (SCI) such as tetraplegia, your compensation settlement should be considered "high value". Call our personal injury solicitors on 0808 252 0678 for information about pursuing your legal rights. To make an online enquiry, click here.

Are you one of the 1,200?

Around 1,200 people are paralysed through a spinal cord injury every year in the UK. Although sufferers may lose sensations or feelings in one part of their body, a person might be classified as tetraplegic if their condition prevents them from moving their arms and legs.

The spinal cord is central to the workings of the nervous system and relays billions of instructions to and from the brain. If it becomes damaged in a road accident or accident at work, the injury's severity will depend on its location.

For example, when the cervical vertebrae around the neck are damaged, this can prevent the flow of information from reaching areas below the affected point. Consequently, this will likely result in tetraplegia – where a person's arms, legs, and body are rendered immobile.

After being diagnosed with tetraplegia, a sufferer will most likely be unable to maintain their pre-accident lifestyle, potentially requiring support from qualified carers and specialist equipment. Furthermore, this form of paralysis can cause a number of other conditions, such as pressure ulcers or bowel and bladder incontinence. Understandably, this dramatic change of circumstances may also result in the sufferer experiencing depression or grief.

Understanding the limits of rehabilitation

If you have suffered a severe spinal cord injury you will have to come to terms with the fact that there will be permanent loss of motor, sensory and continence function. However, with the right care, treatment and rehabilitation, it is possible that you can have confidence looking towards the future and be sure that you receive the right level of care to help you stay healthy.

Once your rehabilitation is complete you will also have to accept the reality that as you get older your healthcare needs will very likely increase – your compensation award should reflect this situation. By securing the right level of compensation, you can at least ensure that your injury is managed in the right way and that you are able to live as independently as possible, for as long as possible. Call 0370 218 4025 to arrange a home visit from our solicitors.

We help you look to the future

The equipment, rehabilitation and home and lifestyle adaptations necessary for coming to terms with tetraplegia are costly and take a great deal of preparation to get in place. If you have sustained a spinal cord injury that was not your fault, you may be entitled to claim compensation for tetraplegia. Our service is about more than litigation – we help you to obtain interim payments where possible, to secure the best possible care and to begin planning for your long-term financial security. Call 0808 252 0678 for further information or begin your enquiry online by clicking here.

In 2013 The British Association of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals released the official "Statement on Tetraplegia". In this document they recognized that tetraplegia is a complex and unpredictable injury which requires careful management. The statement listed some of the many potential complications of the injury, including dysreflexia, difficulty in regulating body temperature and urinary tract infections. The statement noted that because complications can occur without warning it is especially important that if you have tetraplegia, you should have the best possible care, monitoring and assistance.

Claim for an injury that was not your fault

If you or a loved one have been involved in an accident which was not your fault and subsequently diagnosed with tetraplegia, you may be able to make a claim for compensation for your injuries. Our team of solicitors specilaise in catastrophic injury claims.

Management of complex injuries such as tetraplegia requires specialists in spinal cord injury rehabilitation. Our solicitors recognise that the long-term needs of someone who has experienced such a serious injury go far beyond those of the typical client. Our solicitors will attempt to help our clients claim compensation to cover the cost of specialist treatment, mobility vehicles, carers, and recover past, present, and future loss of earnings.

To see if you can make compensation claim for tetraplegia, please contact our specialist solicitors on 0370 218 4025. Alternatively complete an online enquiry form and we will contact you to discuss your case in more detail. We are based in Central London but are able to deliver our first-class legal service to clients right across the country.

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