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Figures for the Brain Injury Resource Foundation reveal that around 125,000 people in the UK suffer a brain injury each year, whether through a traumatic accident such as a car crash or fall from height, or because of an incident or neurological injury or clinical negligence.

In all cases of injury to the brain it may be necessary to commence litigation for damages – however, claiming compensation for serious brain injuries may be particularly important as it can help provide sums for practical concerns such as care, rehabilitation, and specialist equipment.

Serious brain injury

Xray of headAccording to the brain injury charity Headway, a serious or severe head injury is defined as one where the person who has sustained the injury is unconscious for six or more hours or sustains post-traumatic amnesia lasting for 24 hours or more.

In such cases it is essential that injured parties receive prompt specialist care, in order to minimise the risk of long-term damage.

As a general rule, those who sustain the most serious injuries as defined by the above definitions are those most likely to develop long term damage and, as such, a greater need to commence claiming compensation for serious brain injuries – however, some people defy categorisation and enjoy surprisingly good recoveries. Unfortunately, this works both ways, and some people who sustain what initially appears a minor brain injury can sometimes develop long-term and serious consequences.

Rehabilitation from a brain injury

The brain is unlike most other organs in the body – when cells are damaged or destroyed they do not easily regenerate.

However, through careful and specialist rehabilitation, it is still possible for many patients to enjoy a positive recovery. This is because the human brain is a very sophisticated and adaptable organ and can, on account of this plasticity, reorganise itself to regain functionality and effectiveness.

Chances of securing the best possible recovery are greatly enhanced by commencing rehabilitation at the earliest possible moment – a course of action that can be greatly assisted by the instruction of a specialist brain injury solicitor.

Seth Lovis & Co personal injury solicitors

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