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If you or a member of your family has sustained a work-related spinal injury, you may be entitled to compensation to help provide for losses caused by medical expenses, reduced earnings and pain and suffering.

The personal injury solicitors at Seth Lovis & Co have many years of experience in representing the spinal injury claims of clients from across the UK and of ensuring settlement to provide for the best possible rehabilitation.

We understand the importance of holistic service, so as well as striving for the maximum possible settlement we also look to connect you with the most appropriate care and rehabilitation available, while doing our utmost to secure interim payments where necessary.

For advice and information relating to your potential entitlement to compensation, please call our team today on 0808 252 0678. Click here for more information about our service.

A brief guide to work-related spinal injury claims

Spinal injuries are frequently life-changing. This is because even the smallest seeming of injuries to the spine can lead to significant damage; creating obstacles to mobility and motor function that have the potential to greatly reduce a person's independence, whether it is their ability to climb the stairs, go shopping alone, do simple household chores, work or enjoy sports and leisure activities.

Furthermore, such injuries are rarely short-term. Instead they tend to have long-term effects on a person's mobility and independence.

A work-related spinal injury claim cannot turn back the clock, nor can it lessen the severity of the injury, but it can help reduce the potential for suffering by reducing the financial consequences of injury, alleviating the trauma for both the injured party and his or her family.

However, it is vital for all concerned that a work-related spinal injury claim is commenced at the soonest available opportunity. The Statute of Limitations makes it plain that claimants have three years from the date of accident – or three years from the date of diagnosis – to commence litigation. Any claim outside of this period is likely to be time-barred.

Seth Lovis & Co personal injury solicitors

Seth Lovis & Co work-related spinal injury specialists understand the wider impact a spinal injury can have on a client's personal, professional, social and family life.

As such, as well as providing you with the means to securing compensation, we also help you find the necessary guidance in relation to the following areas:

  • Rehabilitation
  • Employment support
  • Adapted housing
  • Financial advice and benefits
  • The provision of medical care

For further information about how we may be able to help you secure compensation for your work-related spinal injury, contact us today by calling 0808 252 0678.

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