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Nothing is more precious than our children. When they suffer personal injury or an illness, we often drop everything in order to make sure that our offspring recover as soon as possible.

When a child suffers a head injury, the repercussions can sometimes be devastating – potentially even resulting in permanent brain damage. However, if one of your offspring sustained a head injury during an accident which was not their fault, one of our specialist solicitors may be able to help you claim compensation on their behalf.

At Seth Lovis & Co, our experienced team recognises the importance of rehabilitation, and will strive to help parents receive maximum compensation in order to make sure that their child receives the highest standards of care. Moreover, any funds awarded could fund treatment costs and help their child live as independent a life as possible.

Head injuries amongst children

According to the NHS, every year approximately 700,000 individuals visit hospitals in England and Wales after suffering a head injury – and up to 50% of these cases could involve children.

It has been suggested that children may be more likely to suffer head injuries than adults as they often live more active lifestyles and might not fully realise when they could be participating in a potentially dangerous action.

As a result, the NHS states there are various activities which have been associated with head injuries amongst children, including falls from playground equipment, trees, or down stairs. In addition, these people can also sustain a head injury from other causes, such as:

  • Road traffic accidents;
  • Cycling accidents;
  • Sports; and
  • Rough play.

Fortunately, in the majority of cases, the repercussions of a head injury could be relatively minor – and most sufferers should be allowed to return home after spending 48 hours in hospital. However, some patients may go on to experience long-term or even life-changing effects.

Making a child head injury claim with Seth Lovis & Co.

At Seth Lovis & Co, our team of specialist solicitors have helped numerous parents make child head injury claims on behalf of their offspring – and should be able to confirm whether or not your case is likely to succeed.

As well as helping mums and dads secure damages, our experienced lawyers will also provide a service which is sympathetic, sensitive, as well as professional.

To find out if you are entitled to make a child head injury claim, please contact us on 0370 218 4025 or complete one of our online enquiry forms today.

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