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If you or a close family member works in the construction industry and have suffered a life-changing amputation or spinal or brain injury, a catastrophic injury claim can help secure sums for pain and suffering, lost earnings, medical and rehabilitation expenses as well as any adaptations needed to your accommodation.

Catastrophic injury claims are a high value and specialised area of personal injury law, so it is essential that you have the very best legal advice and representation. Call our office today, in the heart of legal London, on 00808 2522 0678 to discover what separates us from other personal injury lawyers. Although we are based in the capital we can come to you wherever you are in the country.

What you need to know

For a construction industry-related catastrophic injury claim to be viable it can only be made for an incident that occurred within the last three years; however, in cases involving a fatal injury or injuries that take some time to develop or become known, the time limit may commence from the date at which knowledge of the injury became clear. Furthermore, different time limits apply for claims involving those aged under 18.

In practice, this means that you should contact a specialist solicitor sufficiently as soon as possible before the three-year time limit. This is because there is always a great deal of work and evidence-gathering to be done before the point at which your claim can be submitted.

Plus, it is also valuable to get all relevant medical assessments organised as establishing the claimant's medical, rehabilitative and care needs may be essential in securing interim payment to provide for those needs which are considered most pressing. It is also essential to demonstrate the future impact of injuries – something which can be problematic – so that any sums awarded account for such matters as the cost of future care.

Proving negligence is, of course, key to any successful construction industry catastrophic injury claim. This must be done carefully as insurance companies can be very resistant to claims, particularly those which are high value and are likely to leave them facing significant impact.

Seth Lovis & Co, specialists in high value claims

Seth Lovis & Co has personal injury solicitors who specialise in high value claims for spinal, brain and amputation injuries.

If your injury has been sustained as a result of employer negligence while you were working in the construction industry, we will strive to ensure that the relevant party's liability insurer pays out as quickly and as fully as possible.

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