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Catastrophic accident injuries, whether they are suffered on the road, in the workplace or in some other setting, are injuries of so serious a nature that they are deemed to be profoundly life-changing.

INJURIES ON THE ROADS REPORTABLE INJURY TYPES - THE TOP FIVE CAUSES OF FATAL OR CATASTROPHIC INJURIES INJURIES IN THE WORKPLACE Motorcyclists and pillion passengers are around 65 times more likely to suffer catastrophic injury the than car drivers and passengers In the UK a person suffers a catastrophic injury at an average rate of every 6 hours AGRICULTURE AND CONSTRUCTION ARE INDUSTRIES WITH THE HIGHEST RATES OF CATASTROPHIC INJURY IN THE UK AGRICULTURE: PER 100,000 WORKERS CONSTRUCTION: EXTRACTIVE, UTILITY SUPPLY: PEDESTRIANS: VEHICLE OCCUPANTS: MOTORCYCLISTS: MANUFACTURING: SERVICES: PER 100,000 PER YEAR Source: Fuller, Colin W. (2007-07-12)."Catastrophic injuries in Rugby Union: An Assessment of the risk" *RIDDOR - 2014/15p CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS PAGE Drowning/asphyxiation78% Explosion43% Slips & trips37%* Fall from height49% Trapped by collapse43%

Claiming catastrophic accident compensation

A catastrophic accident claim can ensure compensation for financial loss, and pain and injury. as well as other losses and expenses – this includes those incurred in the past (since the date of the accident), the present and the future.

If you or a close family member have suffered a catastrophic brain injury, spinal damage, amputation, or burn injury, the specialist lawyers at Seth Lovis & Co can help you secure compensation for pain, injury, losses, medical expenses and any necessary rehabilitation or specially adapted accommodation.

We provide emotional as well as practical support in addition to outstanding legal advice and representation. We ensure that your catastrophic accident injury claim is presented properly and fully, so as to be met with the maximum possible amount of compensation. Call 0808 252 0678 for more information or to discuss your claim with a solicitor.

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