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Road traffic accidents can be traumatic, especially so if they cause a life-changing and catastrophic head injury. At Seth Lovis & Co, we have a team of specialists who ensure the best possible outcomes for clients making brain injury compensation claims.

We understand that undertaking litigation can seem a stressful and uncertain prospect, particularly at a time when you already have to deal with the fallout of a car, motorcycle, or bus accident – with things such as medical appointments, rehabilitation, and strained personal relationships already preoccupying you.

However, at Seth Lovis & Co we take the time required to listen to you and to carefully and sensitively gather the evidence necessary to support your brain injury compensation claim.

Once we feel that we have a sufficiently strong case to proceed, we will, wherever possible, attempt to negotiate an early settlement, outside of the courts. However, this is not always achievable or may not provide you with the best possible outcome – in such a situation we are prepared to robustly litigate in order to pursue your interests.

In some cases it may not be possible to reach early agreement on the full details of a settlement but still be possible to achieve an early, interim settlement in order to provide sums for rehabilitation, healthcare, and other associated costs, such as specialist equipment – where this is possible we are always committed to advancing the best interests of the claimant.

Furthermore, as a firm with expertise in other areas of legal practice, including financial planning, trusts, investment and Court of Protection matters our personal injury team ensure that clients benefit from our broad strengths and specialisms.

Compensation for rehabilitation

Despite the catastrophic effects of brain injury for many, around forty percent of brain injury victims succeed in returning to employment.

In order to make this possible, it may be necessary for those affected to claim compensation for the correct medical treatment, including vocational rehabilitation to help them achieve the best possible recovery.

Seth Lovis & Co brain injury solicitors

If you or a close family member has suffered a brain injury, whether in a road traffic accident or another circumstance, contact Seth Lovis & Co solicitors in Central London today about making a brain injury compensation claim.

There are time limits in place applicable to the making of any such claim, so ask our team about the eligibility of your case.

We have specialists in this area of the law and can quickly help you establish whether you might have strong grounds for proceeding. Call us today on 0370 218 4025 or, alternatively, fill out an online claim form.

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