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No matter what the severity may be, burns are extremely painful and can continue to cause pain for long periods of time. Serious burn cases can result in tissue damage, nerve damage, permanent scarring and even death.

The treatment of burns often depends on the body part affected by the injury. Severe cases can require cosmetic surgery or amputation. Although most people associate burns with heat, burns can also be caused by friction, sunlight, radiation, electricity, chemicals or extreme cold.

Burn classification

Burns are typically classified in one of three major categories: first degree, second degree and third degree burns. Although burn classifications can go as high as 6th degree, burns of this magnitude and severity usually result in death and the term is used mostly by morticians.

First degree burns
Burns in this classification are generally minor. While they do cause skin redness and some pain, the symptoms typically do not last long. Since first degree burns only affect the exterior layer of skin, blistering should not occur.

Second degree burns
Second degree burns cause damage to the deeper layers of skin and result in more pain than first degree burns. These more serious burns cause redness and blistering that can become infected if not properly treated. In cases where more than ten percent of the body is burned, victims may go into shock. Compensation for serious burns like these depends on a number of different factors including long term prognosis and how seriously the victim's life will be affected by the injury.

Third degree burns
Of the three main burn classifications, third degree burns are the most serious. Such burns can go past the layers of skin and cause damage to muscles, tendons and ligaments. Since the nerves in the affected area are often destroyed, there may be no pain associated with these burns. Third degree burns require a very long healing period and typically cause permanent scarring.

Negligence and compensation

If you have suffered from a serious burn due to another person's negligence, you should consult with a personal injury solicitor to help you make a claim for compensation.

To make a claim for burn injuries, the victim must show proof that the injuries sustained were a result of negligence from a third party. The third party must have breached a duty of care and the burn injuries must have been a direct result of the third party's negligence.

For claims involving serious burns, the correct procedures must be followed after the incident. Legal advice should be sought quickly after the accident. A personal injury solicitor can provide valuable advice on establishing proof of negligence and procedures for claiming compensation for serious burns.

Although seeking immediate medical attention is the first priority, the accident must also be reported to the authorities. For example, if serious burns occur at work, a report should be filed in the "Accident Book" of the employer.

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