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Seth Lovis & Co Specialise in Asbestos disease claims, including claims for Mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma is the most aggressive form of asbestos related cancer. If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with Mesothelioma, instructing a specialist solicitor to deal with your claim is crucial to recovering compensation for lost earnings, loss of dependency, medical expenses and other costs and losses.

Seth Lovis & Co has all the necessary expertise to help secure you and your family the best possible level of compensation. Our guide to Mesothelioma claims below outlines the basic claims process as well as some of the things we do to secure you the compensation you deserve.

After you submit your enquiry

  • After you submit your enquiry, one of our solicitors will contact you by telephone. We will need to build a picture of your case, which means taking information from you regarding your employment history, exposure to asbestos and medical history. This helps begin the evidence-gathering process and forms the basis of your initial statement.
  • We prefer to meet all of our asbestos clients face-to-face so will arrange a free home visit by your solicitor, anywhere in the UK, at a convenient time to you.
  • We will explain all aspects of your funding agreement to you and give you an indication of mesothelioma claim time scales.
  • Your solicitor will write up your statement upon their return to the office.

Submitting Your Claim

  • Your solicitor will obtain copies of your medical records from your GP and consultant and employment history from the department of work and pensions.
  • Your solicitor will complete an application form on your behalf to access government benefits called Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefits.
  • Your solicitor will write a letter of claim to your previous employer(s) and insurer(s) advising them of your claim against them.
  • We will arrange for a specialist consultant to see you to confirm your mesothelioma diagnosis.
  • We will handle all legal matters regarding your claim on a No Win No Fee basis.
  • We may instruct other experts to strengthen your claim.
  • We will attempt to settle your claim for Mesothelioma out of court.

The Courts Process

The courts have adopted a specialist fast track scheme, Master Whittakers List, so that all mesothelioma claims are put in front of a judge quickly for the benefit of the client. Our offices are located in Bloomsbury, London, which is just a short walk from the Royal Courts of Justice.

Our asbestos disease department is highly experienced in bringing claims for Mesothelioma under Master Whittakers list. Mesothelioma claims are usually settled outside of court but we believe it is vital to your case that you instruct a firm of solicitors that have the necessary experience and expertise in handling claims for Mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma Compensation

We aim to provide an thorough, efficient and client-focused service. Contact us today by telephone on 0370 218 4025 or submit an online enquiry form here and one of our expert solicitors will call you to discuss your enquiry.

Seth Lovis & Co, here to help.

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