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Seth Lovis & Co mesothelioma lawyers in London have many years' experience securing compensation payouts for those affected by the asbestos cancer, whether the sufferers of this illness or their bereaved families.


Mesothelioma, also known as asbestos cancer, is almost always caused by exposure to the deadly substance.

In the majority of cases, mesothelioma develops in the pleura (lung lining). Although in relatively rare cases it may develop in the peritoneum (abdomen lining) or pericardium (sac around the heart).

Due to the long latency period of the illness, it is often several decades after initial exposure that sufferers begin to develop symptoms. Tragically, once these symptoms develop, the illness has a swift and merciless pathology and invariably proves fatal.

Mesothelioma compensation claims

Although the long latency period of mesothelioma can complicate claims, it is possible for claimants to secure compensation in even the most difficult of cases (where the responsible employer has ceased to trade and the liability insurer must be traced).

Seth Lovis & Co has a specialised team of mesothelioma lawyers in London who work sensitively and vigilantly towards ensuring justice for you and your family, keeping you suitably informed right through the process.

Asbestos lawyers in London

Over the years, individuals in many industries and professions have suffered potentially fatal asbestos exposure in London – such as teachers in schools, rail and underground workers, shipbuilding labourers, plumbers, builders, electricians, as well as laggers.

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