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Making a mesothelioma claim with Seth Lovis & Co personal injury solicitors is about ensuring that those who have compromised your health and safety fulfil their legal obligations to provide you and your family with the full amount of compensation for lost earnings, pain and distress, medical expenses, as well as any loss of dependency.

The navy, shipyards and commercial liners

Up until the final decades of the twentieth century, it was common for workers in and around navy, commercial and merchant shipyards to be exposed to asbestos dust throughout the performance of their work.

For example, vessels were literally riddled with asbestos lagging, which was used as heating insulation on pipes, tanks, boilers and other environments, including engine and boiler rooms.

Among those workers who suffered the greatest from exposure to asbestos fibres were maintenance workers, shipbuilders, laggers, boilermakers, and servicemen charged with the task of carrying out running repairs.

However, it was not only these ‘hands-on' workers who experienced exposure – it is also true that asbestos use was so rife and contamination so profuse that other less obvious workers sometimes came into contact with this substance, such as serving officers in the navy, catering workers, stewards, captains, seamen and cleaners – in fact, all concerned.

Furthermore, the problem of exposure is by no means confined only to those who suffered onsite exposure. It is also true that many family members suffered so-called ‘secondary' exposure through coming into contact with asbestos fibres on contaminated overalls, work clothes and other materials.

Fortunately, many of those affected may be able to make mesothelioma claims against the employers responsible. However, sometimes there may be some difficulty in tracing the relevant insurer.

For example, in 2013 the widow of a mesothelioma sufferer, who developed the illness as a result of ceiling suspension work in a Portsmouth dockyard, said that she had been unable to claim compensation. This was because both the employer and the insurer had since gone out of business.

"They used to cut the tiles in rooms and they were given a pint of milk to drink every morning as the dust was so thick.... It was just a job. He just got on with it, we didn't even think about it," she recalled.

However, where insurers are traceable it should be possible to secure asbestos compensation, providing, of course, that the insurer is still in business.

Seth Lovis & Co mesothelioma claims in London

Seth Lovis & Co industrial disease solicitors in London can help you ensure full compensation for your mesothelioma claim, whether you are claiming for an illness you are suffering from yourself or that of a loved one (alive or deceased).

Compensation can help recover sums for medical and nursing care, therapy, lost earnings and any loss of dependency.

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