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According to the Health and Safety Executive, on average, 20 tradesmen die every week due to asbestos exposure. When someone comes into contact with this dangerous material, they may eventually develop a variety of dangerous conditions, such as Asbestosis or Mesothelioma.

Asbestos related diseases do not develop overnight; the latency period can be up to 50 years after initial exposure.

Fortunately, the importation, use, and supply of all forms of asbestos are now prohibited. In addition, when working with this substance, employers must take appropriate steps in order to reasonably prevent their staff members from suffering adverse effects later on in life.

Sadly, these controls were not so tight in the past. Asbestos was used quite heavily up till the mid 1980s due to its insulating and fire-resistant properties. Consequently, Cancer Research UK states that the number of individuals who are annually diagnosed with asbestos-related conditions should eventually start to decline after 2015.

Although many areas in the UK could have been affected by this dangerous substance, Liverpool workers may have been heavily exposed.

Liverpool Asbestos exposure

According to the Merseyside Asbestos Victims Support Group, a charitable organisation which was set up by those who have been affected by asbestos, the population of Liverpool has been greatly affected by asbestos..

The charity highlights one survey, conducted by the Liverpool Occupational Health Project, where researchers spoke to more than 2,600 male participants over a seven month period during 1992. After collecting their findings, they revealed that around one in eight of these individuals had been exposed to asbestos fibres within their workplaces.

The organisation also claims that Liverpool Docks imported approximately 25.3 thousand metric tons of asbestos during 1975. This cargo would then have most likely been used in areas such as vehicle manufacturing, construction, and railway maintenance. As the dangers of asbestos were not widely understood, there are also testimonials from dockworkers who allegedly had ‘snowball fights’ with this substance.

However, labourers were not the only individuals in danger of suffering the effects of asbestos exposure. Many workers returned home at the end of the day with asbestos fibres on their clothing, and there have been documented cases of wives being diagnosed with diseases such as Mesothelioma through this secondary exposure.

Making an asbestos Liverpool claim with Seth Lovis & Co

The effects of asbestos-related diseases can greatly affect a sufferer’s quality of life. However, if you, or a family member, were exposed to this substance, and adversely affected, you should seek legal advice from a Seth Lovis & Co asbestos Liverpool solicitor.

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