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Carpenters arguably have one of the most important jobs to do in the construction industry, Often carrying out work on the inside and outside of buildings, these people may toil for many hours each day in order to complete their tasks.

However, carpenters could be at risk of coming into contact with asbestos – a dangerous building material which was used extensively up to the middle of the 1980s due to its heat resistant and insulating properties.

Unfortunately, if an individual disturbs asbestos, they may inadvertently cause it to release fibres into the air. If inhaled, these have the potential to eventually cause often serious illnesses including asbestosis and lung cancer.

These conditions can potentially take decades to develop and – as any property constructed or refurbished before the year 2,000 may still contain this substance – future generations could be in danger of developing asbestos-related diseases.

Therefore, as carpenters sometimes carry out remodelling work or renovations, they may be at risk when working in older buildings.

In fact, this danger was exposed in 2009 when researchers published a study in the British Journal of Cancer – which claimed that one out of every 17 carpenters would die from mesothelioma, providing they were born during the 1940s.

This condition, which is normally caused by asbestos exposure, is an often fatal form of cancer which can develop up to 60 years after a sufferer initially comes into contact with this material. Sadly, according to the NHS, it usually claims the life of the victim within three years of being diagnosed.

However, although one of out every 17 carpenters succumbing to mesothelioma is too many, this statistic could be an understatement. For example, after looking at the number of lung cancer diagnoses caused by asbestos exposure, it can be argued that approximately 10% of all carpenters born during the 1940s will die from asbestos-related cancers.

Industrial disease claims with Seth Lovis & Co

Those working in carpentry may be in danger of coming into contact with asbestos fibres. However, considering that approximately 25% of women and two-thirds of men in Britain have reportedly worked in occupations where they might have been exposed to this material, many other professionals could be at risk of developing conditions such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, and asbestosis.

Yet, regardless of which occupation you worked in, if you were adversely affected by asbestos, you may be entitled to claim compensation through a Seth Lovis & Co industrial disease solicitor.

Although our professional, dedicated, and specialist team realise that no amount of money can ever make things truly right, they will strive to help sufferers receive funds to cover therapy costs as well as provide any lost earnings.

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