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Who are we? 

Seth Lovis & Co Solicitors is a leading Legal 500 firm and we specialise in all areas of asbestos disease litigation.

We act for many clients who were exposed to asbestos in the UK who now live overseas.  Some of the countries that our expat asbestos clients live in, include: 

  • Spain
  • France
  • United States
  • Canada
  • South Africa 

If you currently live abroad and are interested in bringing a claim in the UK, call us today on 0044 207 404 6565 to speak with our team. 

How we can help expat clients 

Our team of specialists lawyers have over 75 years of combined experience and are available today to discuss your potential claim. 

We often attend our clients at their homes and regularly visit expat clients abroad. If you have been exposed to asbestos in the UK and now been diagnosed with an asbestos related condition, we can help you claim compensation, regardless of whether you live abroad. 

For more information about how our team can help you, call us on freephone 0044 207 404 6565 to speak with one of our expert lawyers. 

What is asbestos? 

Throughout most of the 20th Century, asbestos was used in many industries to complete a variety of different tasks. For example, as this material demonstrated heat-resistant and insulating properties, it was sometimes used in shipbuilding to prevent vessels from catching fire at sea.

In addition, asbestos was frequently used as a building material and was so popular that any home constructed before the year 2000 could contain this substance. Although asbestos had its uses, it also carried a number of very serious health risks. Potentially, if exposed to this material, an individual may eventually develop an asbestos-related disease, such as mesothelioma, lung cancer, or asbestosis.

It has been reported that this material was frequently used up until the middle of the 1980s, and many employers may not have implemented adequate precautions to prevent staff members from coming into contact with this dangerous substance.

Fortunately, legislation eventually came into effect in 1999 which prevented individuals from importing, using, and supplying asbestos. However, those who used this material before that date could still develop an asbestos-related disease as symptoms may become apparent up to 50 years after a person's initial exposure.

Sadly, asbestos-related diseases can have fatal repercussions – and more than 4,500 individuals reportedly die each year in the UK. Symptoms of asbestos related cancers, such as Mesothelioma, can take up to 50 years to develop after initial exposure to asbestos.

If an individual developed an asbestos-related disease after working with this substance in the UK, they may be entitled to claim compensation – providing his or her exposure was not their fault.

The effects of an asbestos-related disease can be devastating, impacting on a sufferer's quality of life. Our team of experienced asbestos solicitors will strive to secure maximum compensation for these individuals – even if they no longer live in the UK.

Overseas asbestos claims

If you live abroad and have developed an asbestos-related disease after being exposed to asbestos in the UK, you are still entitled to claim compensation with the help of Seth Lovis & Co.

Our specialist team of solicitors have helped numerous expats make overseas asbestos claims, and, in many cases, secured damages to cover the costs of care as well as therapy.

To find out if our asbestos solicitors can help you claim compensation, please complete an online enquiry form or contact us on 0044 207 404 6565.

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