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Increasing numbers of people are choosing to holiday at home. It should come as little surprise – the UK has a range of interesting locations which are perfect for both day trips and extended stays.

Whether you fancy exploring the beaches in the South East, travelling to the capital to seek some culture, or biking around the countryside, there are many UK-based activities which can keep Britons occupied.

The UK's food revolution

One reason for the rebirth of the domestic holiday must surely be food – gone is Britain's reputation for sludgy chips and gravy, instead it has been replaced by a food revolution that has brought a taste for good local food, often organic, as well as some of the best restaurants in the world.

Against this light, the results of a survey published in 2011 make absolute sense. It suggested that many tourists make food an absolute priority when choosing their holiday destination. According to an insurance provider, over a two-year period, more than 4.5 million holidaymakers chose their destination based largely on the variety of dishes available in the area.

In addition, the researchers discovered that 83% of respondents often made an attempt to be "adventurous" when selecting food on holiday, most likely picking local dishes, or meals they had not heard of before.

Even if a tourist does not embark on an excursion purely at the prospect of the food on offer, restaurants, pubs, and eateries are unarguably an important part of the holiday experience. Although most people will hold out hope of having their taste buds tantalised, all should expect, at the very least, to be treated adequately and to eat a dish which does not jeopardise their health and, potentially, their holiday.

If you have required medical attention as a result of poor food hygiene standards, Seth Lovis & Co could help you make a holiday compensation claim. Call 0370 218 4025 today for more information about how our service may be of benefit to you.

Food hygiene standards in the UK

Although a number of institutions have issued warnings about eating food in foreign nations, tourists may feel comparatively relaxed while visiting restaurants in this country. However, in 2013, consumer organisation Which? published research revealing areas in the UK that possessed the worst food hygiene standards.

Of these locations, part of Bexley in Greater London scored lowest with 45% of eateries obtaining worse ratings than "generally satisfactory". Moreover, the research revealed that three-quarters of people would not eat at any restaurant which failed to achieve this standard.

The researchers also discovered a large number of popular high-street restaurants which had failed to achieve satisfactory scores, suggesting that many eateries in the UK might be preparing food in poor hygiene conditions.

Compensation for food poisoning

Meals are an important part of any day trip, excursion, or holiday. Yet, if the negligence of restaurant staff results in food poisoning, those adversely affected might be entitled to claim compensation through Seth Lovis & Co.

Our team of specialist solicitors could help you claim compensation if you have sustained food poisoning abroad or on a holiday day-excursion. For more information about our services, please contact us today through an online enquiry form or call 0370 218 4025.

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