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In 2010, the results of a survey showed a third of Britons would be spending their main holiday that year within the UK. There are many reasons for avoiding destinations abroad: economic troubles and political concerns, the possibility of an airline striking, or the threat of another disaster similar to the Grimsvötn ash cloud – a volcanic eruption in 2010 which grounded approximately 100,000 flights and interfered with the journeys of more than 10 million people.

Britons who spend their summer holidays within the UK – otherwise known as taking a "staycation" – often spend, on average, at least £980 on their excursions, perhaps visiting places such as Cornwall, Devon or York.

However, regardless of the destination, these individuals usually expect their holidays to go smoothly. Yet, when a tour operator or duty-holder's negligence results in a tourist being adversely affected, this excursion can be ruined. Moreover, when this act causes personal injury or illness, a sufferer may even require hospitalisation to fully recover.

If you have experienced harm while on a ‘staycation', our team of specialist solicitors could help you receive damages for incidents such as slips, trips and falls, or even assist you in making a holiday claim for bacterial infection.

Bacterial infection within the UK

In 2013, the results of a survey suggested that many tourists could be at risk of developing a bacterial infection when staying at a hotel in the UK. For example, according to the research, 40% of bathrooms in these places were found to contain E.coli – a type of organism which, the NHS states, can result in "serious infection" or food poisoning.

The researchers also discovered organisms on surfaces such as light switches and television remotes, with substantial amounts of faecal bacteria located on 60% of these objects.

Commenting on the matter, the man who led the research from the Queen Mary University of London, stated, "The surprising levels of bacteria we have found in UK holiday locations, vehicles and luggage shows that British holidaymakers need to take extra care with their hygiene when enjoying a UK break".

This research suggests that many hotel rooms within the UK could contain harmful amounts of bacteria, potentially resulting in serious illness or infection. However, if you were adversely affected by poor hygiene standards while staying at these places, Seth Lovis & Co could help you receive compensation through a holiday claim.

Claiming for a bacterial infection with Seth Lovis & Co

Following a successful claim, our team of holiday illness solicitors could obtain damages to provide any lost earnings as well as fund treatment costs. Moreover, this compensation could go towards the cost of another excursion.

To find out more information, please complete an online enquiry form or call the holiday claims department today on 0370 218 4025.


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