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HOW MANY AND WHAT TYPE OF INJURIES OCCUR? SETH LOVIS & CO CAN HELP Holidays are meant for fun, but, if you have suffered personal injury in a holiday accident which was not your fault, it may be possible for you to claim compensation. Our personal injury solicitors can help claimants in many situations, including the following: EHIC will not cover repatriation to the UK, nor will it cover the cost of an ambulance or provide a level of care comparable to that of the NHS. It only gives you care of the level received by locals in your country of destination. Seth Lovis & Co PI is a firm of specialist personal injury solicitors in the heart of London. We help people who have sustained injury in accidents abroad, particularly if their travel has been part of a package tour. And you don't have to wait until you get home to start your claim. Call us while you are still abroad and we will do our utmost to ensure you receive the help and support you need to commence your claim as soon as possible.Please feel free to download and share the PDF of this page, but please give attribution and link to http://www.sethlovispi.co.uk/ Sadly, holidays sometimes lead to fatal accidents (of course, not all of them are caused by accidents or third party negligence). Figures from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office reveal the following: Those who’ve sustained injury in a slip, trip or fall Those who’ve suffered food poisoning while staying in a hotel Illness as a result of using a contaminated swimming pool Day excursion accidents Transportaccidents 38% OF ALL TRAVELLERS/ HOLIDAYMAKERS ABROAD SUFFERED INJURY IN THE LAST THREE YEARS ENJOY YOURSELF, INSURE YOURSELF HAVE A SAFE HOLIDAY IN 2013 - 2014 THE PHILIPPINES IS THE PLACE BRITISH PEOPLE WERE MOST LIKELY TO DIE THE POTENTIAL COSTOF REPATRIATING A BODY CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD THIS PAGE *2015 Post Office Travel Insurance study **ABTA Consumer Trends Survey 2012 ***Foreign and Commonwealth Office - British Behaviour Abroad Report 2014 BRITISHDEATHS ABROAD SPAIN THAILAND FRANCE
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