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There are many things to consider when travelling on holiday: choosing appropriate activities, arranging food, organising transport and, of course, booking accommodation. However, selecting a suitable hotel can be difficult, with tourists often looking for a location which provides them with aspects such as security, an optimal setting, as well as a friendly atmosphere.

Although these factors are certainly important, tourists might just assume that all hotels are reasonably safe – and believe managers strive to ensure that guests are prevented from sustaining personal injury on holiday.

In the vast majority of situations, this will be the case. However, in 2013, a programme from the BBC aired, which suggested that some hotels were exposing guests to potentially unsafe conditions. According to the organisation, one location in Portugal allegedly possessed a number of hazards, such as electrical sockets hanging out from the walls, loose balcony railings, and a swimming pool which did not meet minimum health and safety standards.

The BBC also investigated another hotel – located in Crete – which might have also put its guests in danger. It has been reported that the kitchen in this particular premises possessed "extremely unclean conditions" and stored food at incorrect temperatures. Therefore, guests could have been at risk of developing food poisoning or a range of other illnesses.

If accurate, this investigation certainly presents some troubling findings. Yet, although these two hotels could have been putting guests in danger, they are only a very small sample from a huge industry.

Whilst staying in a hotel, the vast majority of individuals will be reasonably looked after, cared for, and prevented from suffering personal injury. However, if you have been adversely affected whilst visiting your holiday destination, you might be entitled to claim compensation through one of our holiday accident solicitors, providing the incident was not your fault.

Claiming holiday accident compensation through Seth Lovis & Co

Figures from the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office show that, every year, thousands of Britons require hospital treatment whilst on holiday. However, if someone was hospitalised due to the negligent actions of a hotel manager or staff member, they could be entitled to claim holiday accident compensation through Seth Lovis & Co.

Our team of experienced solicitors have helped numerous tourists receive damages for their injuries. If you think you are eligible to make a claim for an incident that occurred abroad, please complete an online enquiry form or call our department today on 0370 218 4025.

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